- Is your baby suffering from hypotonia?
- Was your baby marked as i.e. "slow or lazy"?
- Is your baby excessively tight?
- Does your baby use only one side of a body?
- Does your baby cry when practising tummy time?
- Is your baby fussy when spending time on the floor/mat?

If you have affirmed with YES to at least one question, then it's time for you to visit us.



We are the only such specialised therapeutic yet developmental and functional movement private practise for babies that eliminates the cause of passive movement constraints and not consequences.



It is intended for the parents of a baby within the first year, with possible motion disorders, muscle tone or asymmetrical body functionality - regardless of the current or "estimated" motor abilities of the baby (these may be due to a central nervous system failure).


It is intended for all babies, both pre-mature and full-term infants (as well to those with potential problems during pregnancy or pre/post natal), who (due to certain irregularities) can not acquire or conquer first primary motor-functional abillities which are important for reaching baby’s developmental milestones.


It is important for you as a parent, to detect a deficiency in the functional movement of the baby's body - such as poor head control, an asymmetrical functioning of the left and right half of the body, ineffective time spent on tummy, etc / just few indicators to mention with which baby needs help and encouragement.


If you recognise some of this indicators, you definetely require a visit in our private practice. Bare in mind that such problems discovered in a timely manner are more easily solved and in the majority of the infant, do not cause additional stress.


Since we are aware that the functional movement (from birth) is an essential and undoubtedly one of the main factors in the development (both - movement and cognitive) processes, we are helping each baby to reach the milestones in their own time, when they are ready for them . Above all - in a healthy and natural way - the one that encourages the baby to optimum functional movement development.


In our work we strive for the correct functional movement as well cognitive guidance of the infant, and we teach you to understand all the important aspects of progress in development. We help you to promote and stimulate baby's natural developmental processes in every step you take.



We work according to the principles of BFM® (baby functional movement) methods - which takes care of the baby's functional movement as well the methodology that is part of the international program NMA (newborn movement assessment). Both working according to the individual "BRIGHT" system (Birthing process, evaluating the Rotation, and Initiating a Gentle Healthy Touch - into a healthy baby movement) of the baby.


The method in our private practice ensures a better understanding and deep insight into the personal development of the infant, which enables him to accept the most optimal foundation for development in the following months, years.
Our advantage: Both methods includes all the essential elements of muscular - skeletal functionality, intertwined with sensory functions that promote healthy development, such as balance, counterbalance, rotation, temperature, proprioception, orientation, etc.


With individual treatments, we provide a quality, but above all specialized and comprehensive treatment, to the infant in a stimulating environment within our Center FM, which offers all the support and a comprehensive approach to understanding the development of the baby from birth.


By early recognition and timely assessment of passive factors in the infant, deviations such as hypotonia, hypertonia, extension, etc., we help you to recognize these abilities (by the side of your understanding), activate them and prevent the continuation of irregular patterns of baby movement.

*(with this approach we can prevent any possible developmental irregularities).



- an analysis of the baby's functional movement

- prevention of irregularities in the movement itself

- early identification of irregular / passive patterns of the movement

- diagnostics of the passive process in the development of infants

- learning and directing you as a  parents through an individual process of movement that varies (depending on baby)

- integrated and individual therapeutic developmental treatment (without pressure from the surroundings)

- planning a functional movement (yet therapeutic) plan as well achieving baby's individual milestones 

- monitoring and supporting the plan / individual program

- achieving more optimal functional movement in each infant


As we are aware that each infant is an individual, we offer you a complete and individual approach since we want the treatment to be effective and, in particular, as less stressful as possible for the infant.


Saška Hribar Kuhar


If you have any further questions or would like to book an appointment for the therapy, assesment, etc. we invite you to contact us or fill out the contact form below.




Private practise for functional movement patterns in babies

040 / 352 084


Center FM

Špruha 19,

IOC Trzin (Ljubljana/okolica)


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