The professional baby functional movement program / lesson is carried out within regular monthly lessons for infants parents. It operates under the licensed BFM® program (Baby Functional Movement), which has been developed by Saška Hribar Kuhar - Integration Movement Secialist (based on her many years of experience, working with infants abroad (England, USA)) and Slovenia for the past few years.


The methodology and the way we work is developed under the mentorship of Michelle Turner (the author of the NEWBORN MOVEMENT ASSESMENT ( a certified program). She is also the author of many studies and presentations around the world. Her work is an inspiration for work within our organization and the Center FM therefore we constantly strive for an improvements and above all investing  in knowledge and regular trainings.


The professional BFM® program, which is the basis for the (healthy) optimal development of infants, helps the infants to develop a cognitive and emotional development (excellent self-image, self-confidence and openness to contacting).


All lessons, meetings, events and workshops take place in the wonderful training Center FM which, with its beautiful atstmosphere and stylish ambience, allows mothers with babies to feel like at their home.


At individual events or workshops, we offer structured, aged, and individual skills-based lessons for parents, which include all the necessary elements for achieving healthy developmental milestones of infants.


Professional lessons focus on the development of all three developmental groups (motor, cognitive and emotional), since each of these three elements of infant development are crucial and important for us. With these we, without a doubt, help a baby become a satisfied, healthy and a confident child.


"We believe that by raising awareness about the importance of physical and cognitive abilities in an infant, we can positively influence its further development and providing him with all the" necessary tools "with which the baby will develop its optimal potential"



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