The benefits of our baby functional movement can be clearly demonstrated in the following points, which at the same time represent 10 reasons why you should decide for our educational programs for parents with babies.


- A professionally substantiated program which was presented and developed as a part of the "Baby Functional Movement" methodology as a dissertation work. We work alongside the best experts in the field of functional movements in the world. Mentor and great inspiration is Michelle Turner and all of her work within the Newborn Movement Assesment. organisation. With her last study/research she showed at the Harvard conference she created a breakthrough in the world of the significance of the baby's movement since birth.


- Guiding parents to recognize infants' natural physical abilities  


- Practical learning and conquering exercises that the baby needs for optimal development  


- Individual approach  


- Small and homogeneous groups on lessons  


- Teaching you hoe to stimulateand improve the functional, motor and cognitive development of infants  


- Improving sleep and digestion in an infant  


- Learn the basics of proper handling of the baby  


- Building on a special bond which is established between mother and baby  


- The excellent atmosphere and ambience of the Center FM wich allows mothers with babies to feel like home.


In addition to a varied physical development programs for parents, the lessons are also a form of pleasant gatherings for mothers and families with babies.




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