Practising Baby Functional Movement program on a daily basis will help baby in numerous ways.

Bellow are the main benefits your baby can experience through your consistency and right way of guiding.



- help the development of motor skills, balance and coordination


- help maintain flexibility (of ligament, joint and tendons)


- stimulate all the senses


- help the baby associate touch with positive handling


- strengthen and tone muscles


- help a baby learn to interact with the environment and other babies / moms


- develop body and mind awareness


- help general growth and optimises potential optimal development


- balance the nervous system


- stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic system


- strengthen and regulate babies digestive, immune and respiratory systems


- reduce the discomfort of colic (wind and constipation)


- help a baby cope with potential stressful situations by regulating cortisol levels


- help a baby develop their first language know as touch


- enhance a baby's feeling of being respected and loved


- promote relaxation which leads to better sleep


- help a baby to quickly adapt to the new environments


- help babies reach their optimal milestones in a natural and most respectful way



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